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Want to sell on the Games4eva Marketplace?

Check out the tutorial videos at the bottom of the home screen or click "See all Tutorials" to be directed to our games4eva channel. We aim to get step by step videos uploaded for all of our FAQS, however, you can also find typed answers to all questions on this page if the video is yet to be uploaded. Don't forget, you can always drop us a message via our social media platforms or email for further assistance, where we aim to respond to inquiries within 24hours



We PAY YOU to sell your games!! (Reward Commission Scheme)

Yes, you read that correct - We pay you to sell your games on the Games4eva marketplace.

As an incentive scheme to all our sellers, not only will you profit from your sale (& make money because games4eva is currently free to sell with), but we pay you 0.20p for every completed sale on the site.  (This is a promotional offer for 2020 & Games4eva reserve the right to withdraw this promotion at any time as per our Terms & Conditions). 

25 game sales = £5.00 commission,

50 game sales = £10.00 commission, 

100 game sales = £20.00 commission,

250 game sales = £50.00 commission,

There is no minimum amount of sales required. This offer is valid to one game sale per transaction & sellers must dispatch using a postal or courier service & adhere to the following terms -

*Buyers placing an order for multiple purchases using "Add to Cart" is allowed but for sellers to qualify for multiple commission rewards, each game MUST be dispatched with its own individual proof of postage or tracking. (Eg, selling 4 games to the same buyer & sending them in one package with proof of postage or tracking will result as 1 commission. To qualify for 4 commission rewards, you will need to dispatch the games separately & provide 4 tracking numbers or proof of postages for each parcel should we require this). 

*Local pick-up is not valid with this promotion, we may ask for proof of postage or tracking to determine this offer to which, if you cannot provide this will invalidate the commission).

*Cancelled orders do not qualify - the sale must be completed & again, should we require proof of postage or tracking, if this cannot be provided will invalidate the commission.

*False claims will result in immediate account suspension & may result in legal action being taken further. 

Once sales have been completed, the commission owed to you will be paid on the 1st of each month straight into your PayPal account or designated bank account. For any other information regarding this offer, please contact -



Promo Codes

Promo codes can be redeemed at the point of "Confirm your purchase" once the buyer has clicked "Add to cart" or "Buy now". There is no minimum spend so if they have a promo code which has a higher value than the cost of the game, then this qualifies them for a free game. The value of the promo code will be deducted at checkout and no part credit or refunds will be given or issued (See examples below)


Example 1 - The buyer has a promo code for "£5 off any game" & the total cost of purchase is £3.99. Their order will process, they will not receive any part refund or credit back & we will pay you the cost of the total order to your chosen paypal or bank account (£3.99 here being the example)

Example 2 - The buyer has a promo code for "£5 off any game" & the total cost of purchase is £7.99. At checkout, they will pay £2.99 & Games4eva will pay £5 to your chosen Paypal or bank account (See below for more info). 


Games4eva will pay you (the seller) the sum of money owed to your chosen Paypal or bank account & funds will be transferred daily or weekly as chosen by yourself. (If choosing Paypal as your preferred payment method, this may incur their fees, so take this into consideration when making your choice - refer to for more info).

Promo codes are valid once only & are not transferrable. If using "Add to Cart" this will come off one game purchase & not the total order.

No more than 2 Games4eva user accounts may have the same household address.

Games4eva reserve the right to withdraw, remove or deactivate promo codes (as per our Terms & Conditions) at any given time without notice & with immediate effect. (Refer to our Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy for more information).

For any futher help or assistance, email -



Games4eva - Buy & Sell with no fees for 2020, ITS FREE!!

As above, Games4eva is completely free for 2020 - No fees for buyers or sellers. (Please refer to our terms & condition or see below for more details)

This is an introductory offer for 2020 so enjoy all the benefits of the Games4eva marketplace for free on us. Our eventual seller’s fees will be introduced at a later stage & sellers can choose from either of the following:

1) Unlimited seller subscription package - £9.99 per month. List & sell as many games as you like (ideal for sellers with alot of stock). Just to be clear - No shop fees, No listing fees, No final valuation fees, No hiddens fees! £9.99 once a month payment - thats all you will pay. 

2) 5% Fixed-rate fee. (Eg, sell a game for £10.00, fee = £0.50p). Ideal for sellers who want to sell the odd few games on occassion.

Invoices for fees will be issued on the 20th of each month & full payment will be due within 7 days of your invoice being issued. Failure to pay within this timeframe will result in account suspension. Billing & invoices will be viewable & accessible in an area of your profile account (to be added). For help with regard to any of the above, please contact



How to sell & list your games for sale

We recommend you first read through the "Games4eva video game grading standards" (at the bottom of this page) to understand how games on the marketplace are graded for sale.

Selling with Games4eva is quick & easy, just follow these 2 simple steps - 

1) Login to your account, search for the game you want to sell & on the righthand side of the game release page, click "Sell Game".

2) Enter your information into the relevant fields (amount, quantity, additional info, game media & box conditions),

3) Add your shipping options (you only need to do this once) & tick box the ones you want to apply, check the tick box if you agree to our selling terms & conditions & click "List game" - That's it!!

(Additional info is an area where you can add details that may be relevant to the listing, ie - comes complete with manual, new from shop stock, download codes may not be valid, etc).

To view your games for sale, click "Selling" (under your profile name) where you can view, edit & remove your listings as applicable. 



The artwork & game release on the database is different from the version I want to sell, is this ok?

No - Very Important. The game you are selling must have the EXACT game artwork & be the same release as on the Games4eva database. It is a seller's responsibility to ensure this is the actual game they are listing for sale & is not misleading by law. (This also helps ensure a smooth pleasant transaction for both the buyer & seller). If it is not the same game (or you cannot find this on the database), then you will need to "create a new listing". (Go to our FAQS page & read the section "How to create a listing" or check out our youtube tutorial at the bottom of the home screen on how to do this).

If you do find the game you want to sell is on the database but the artwork is missing, just "edit" the game, add the artwork & send over to the Games4eva team which pending approval will be updated & live on the site within 24 hours.



Win cash & get rewarded for your purchases

Yes, Win cash with our monthly competition prize giveaway when purchasing on the Games4eva marketplace. Please refer to the "Buying" page for more information & full Terms & Conditions.



How will I know when I receive orders on the site?

Check your "My Orders" section to stay up to date with your sales or in addition to this, you will also get notified in your "messages" section for a quicker & faster approach.



A buyer has placed an order, what do I do next?

1) Login to your account, click your profile name & then click "My Orders". The order will state & display one of two options as follows -

* If the order has not been paid, a red text box will display "Order placed, awaiting payment"

* If the order has been paid for with Paypal, a yellow text box will display "Payment processed, its time to ship your order". 

(PLEASE NOTE - Paypal is linked with Games4eva to update order status, however it is the seller's responsibility to double-check the payment has been received before dispatch. If for example, you are a new PayPal seller, your account may have restrictions to which payment might have been completed, but may not show due to pending / clearing status. It is the buyers/sellers' responsibility to check this as Games4eva cannot be held responsible for any liability.

2) Once payment has been confirmed, pack up & dispatch your order & click "Payment received & order shipped".

3) Leave feedback, "Archive" the transaction & your order is now complete.



I live in the UK & want to sell to domestic & overseas buyers, can I do this?

Yes, this is fine. Most of our current buyers & sellers are UK based, however, we have already had some users sign up from overseas, outside of the UK. Please state clearly in your seller's terms & conditions, where you are based (to not cause any confusion) & also what shipping rates you offer. For a guide to Royal Mails current prices, please visit



I have signed up to Games4eva but live outside of the UK overseas, is this ok?

Similar to the above, this is fine as Games4eva is a worldwide buying & selling marketplace. If a user wishing to purchase from you is based (for example) here in the UK & you are located in perhaps Italy (for example), then just make sure that you have clearly stated in your seller's terms & conditions, where you are based (to not cause any confusion) & also what shipping rates you offer.



Selling Tips & general good online practice

*Do not ship orders until you have received full payment.

*Be sure to offer a payment gateway that includes payment protection. (This is why we offer PayPal as the preferred payment for Games4eva orders).

*Communicate messages & maintain a smooth transaction via the "My Orders" page.

*Affiliate yourself with the Games4eva videogame grading standards to ensure an accurate & smoother sales process.

*Pack up & safely secure your parcels to reduce the risk of damage in transit.

*Tracked & insured postal services/couriers help eliminate non-claims.

*Be polite, respectful & factual when leaving feedback. 

*For any further questions you may have in regard to selling, please refer to the FAQS page where you can find more information. 



Games4eva video game grading standards

Mint – New, The game itself has never been opened or used & the box has no marks, imperfections or damage to the packaging. Quite simply the product is brand new & is the equivalent to a 100% rating.

Near Mint  – A like new game that may have been used once such as an unwanted gift or ex-display shop stock item. The game itself does not show any marks or signs of use. The box may have been opened & cellophane no longer present but is still in top condition & the overall product is equivalent to a 90% rating in relation to 100% being brand new.

Very Good+ – A game that has been used but is still in excellent condition. The game itself may have the odd wear & tear or sticker mark but has been very well looked after. The box may show minimal signs of wear or damage to the exterior or surface, (ie cracks, rips, tear marks etc) & the overall product is equivalent to an 80% rating in relation to 100% being brand new.

Very Good - A game that has been used & is in very good condition. The game may show signs of wear & tear to the exterior or have some sticker marks. The box will display signs of wear & tear to the exterior or surface, (ie cracks, rips, tear marks etc) & the overall product is equivalent to a 65% rating in relation to 100% being brand new.

Good  - A game that shows there is clear visible wear & has had previous use. The game itself will display signs of wear & tear, sticker marks & maybe some writing. The box will show signs of wear & tear, will have damage to the exterior or surface (ie cracks, rips, tear marks etc) & the overall product is equivalent to a 50% rating in relation to 100% being brand new

Fair - A game that shows there is quite visible wear but can still be used. The game itself will have clear signs of previous use which can include, wear & tear, sticker marks & writing. The box will show clear signs of wear & tear or damage to the exterior & surface of the packaging (ie cracks, rips, tear marks etc) & the overall product is equivalent to a 25% rating in relation to 100% being brand new.

Poor - A game that shows there is significant visible wear & tear. The game itself will have significant signs of previous use which can include, wear & tear, sticker marks & writing. The box will show heavy signs of wear & tear, will have damage to the exterior or surface of the packaging (ie cracks, rips, tear marks etc) & the overall product is equivalent to a 15% rating in relation to 100% being brand new.

Boxing Condition - Generic - A game box that is a replacement game case or box & comes with no game sleeve. 

Boxing Condition - No box - The sale does not include a game case or box. (Sellers, It is still your responsibility to ensure the game itself reaches the buyer in the graded condition it was sold in & recommend safe & secure packaging to ensure this in transit.)

Additional Info - This is where sellers can add any other information about the contents of the listing that may help reflect in the sale price. Ie - comes complete / original game poster / download codes still valid / specific catalogue number id, etc etc.