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Hover Strike

Atari Jaguar
North America (NA)

Hover Strike is a shooter video game developed and published by Atari Corporation exclusively for the Atari Jaguar first in North America on April 1995, then in Europe on May of the same year and later in Japan around the same period, where it was published instead by Messe Sansao. Taking place in a future where the Terrakian Pirates have seized control of a colonized foreign planet, players are tasked with piloting an armed hovercraft vehicle in an attempt of rescuing the captured colonists and obliterate the invading alien forces from the surface of the planet before the Federation armada arrives. Conceived as an update to Atari's 1980 arcade game Battlezone, the project originally went under the title Battlezone 2000 and was one of the first games to be greenlit and announced for the Jaguar prior to its launch, along with Cybermorph and Tempest 2000. After being showcased during the Summer Consumer Electronics Show in 1994 under the original title, however, it was renamed to Hover Strike at one point during its development, likely due to it drifting away from the original source material...

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Genre Shooter
Themes Action
Player Perspectives First person
Game Modes Single player
Release Date 01/04/1995
Region of release North America (NA)
Developer / Publisher Atari Corporation
Age Rating Unknown