Not sure how to navigate Games4eva? Keep things simple with Youtube tutorial videos

Check out the "how to use the site videos" on the home screen or click "View all Tutorial Videos" to head over to our Games4eva channel. We aim to get step-by-step videos uploaded for all of FAQs however, you can also find typed answers to all questions on this page if the video is yet to be uploaded.

You can also drop us a message via our Facebook, Twitter or hit the "Contact us" button at the top of the home screen, where we aim to respond to inquiries within 24hours.



What is the site traffic like?

Games4eva launched in the summer of August 2021 & like all businesses, we all start somewhere - Rome wasn't built in a day! Our traffic initially will be slow however we are here for the long run & have some key factors in place such as -

1) "Zero fees" - It's free to buy & sell.

2) Seller Reward scheme - "We pay you £1 commission to sell your games". This is our big incentive to get sellers on board with the aim for us to boost traffic & achieve liquidity as quickly as possible.

3) Our Marketing campaign consists of - Advertisement, Market Research, Social Media, SEO, Pricing, Direct Response Marketing, Content Marketing & more,

4) 490+ Games4eva users registered & growing daily

5) Return traffic! Because we are a marketplace, users check back frequently. Whether this is because of intrigue or to see if they have missed out on a bargain, the fact of the matter is, we see a lot of return traffic & are growing by the day.



I already sell on Ebay & Amazon, why should I come here?

1) Its free to Buy and Sell - Zero Fees!

2) We pay you £1 commission for every game sold!! (seller reward scheme). Sell 100 games and we will deposit £100 straight into your bank or Paypal account! (See the"Selling" page for more details). Google ad words cost £1 for every couple of clicks & being honest, we would rather pay this to our sellers instead. We value our users & want sellers onboard fast so if this is what it takes, we are prepared to do this!

3) Database design enables sellers to list faster than other marketplaces. Dont believe us? Give it a go! If the game exists in the database, it takes approx 10 seconds from start to finish to list a game for sale! 



My Games4eva home screen does not look right or has a weird display, how can I fix this?

We are always improving & adding new features to the site. If your screen is not displaying right or looks strange, it is probably due to your mobile or laptop browser has cookies enabled so it is simply trying to load an old version of the site. To fix this, just clear your website history, data or cache & cookies (If you wish to of course).

Games4eva Level Up Tip - do this quickly on a PC or laptop - hold down the "SHIFT" button & refresh your page.



How much does it cost to sell on Games4eva?

Zero fees - Its free!



How does Games4eva make money when they offer reward schemes such as "zero fees for 2021 & we pay you to sell your games?"

In the beginning, we are willing to do whatever it takes for us to achieve liquidity so we are factoring this cost into our marketing budget.



"Zero fees & We pay you to sell your games?" are great incentives however what happens in the future, is this all being scrapped?

Bottom line, we are a business & need to turn a profit however Games4eva will always strive to reward both our buyers & sellers by keeping our fees lower than any other marketplace and offering reward incentives to maintain our users.



I hear people all the time talking about other sites where they got scammed, how safe is Games4eva?

Pay with Paypal on checkout & you are 100% safe, this is why we integrated this on the site. People who claim to get scammed on other sites tend to pay using bank transfer or other means which can result in a loss. Paying with PayPal means you are always covered & we also have customer support (yes - a person at the end of the phone) should you require any further assistance.



How do I delete my Games4eva account?

In the event that you wish to delete your account, this can be processed once all of your orders & monthly seller’s fees invoices (if any) have been paid in full & completed. Closure of your account will result in the deletion of your private account data & once removed this cannot be reversed. Public information such as database submissions, reviews or social media comments will remain on the site in accordance with our "Terms & Conditions". If you would like to proceed with closing your account, contact support@games4eva.com



How to "Add a game" or "Edit" data in 3 simple steps

1) Login & click "Add a game" (top right-hand corner of the home screen).

2) Complete fields 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 entering the required information. (Steps 7 & 8 - "Developers" & "Screenshots" are not mandatory fields, but feel free to add this if you want).

3) Field 9, add the "Age Rating" (select "unknown" if you do not know this) & click "Create game".

Your listing will now be sent over to our admin team which pending approval & review, will be live on the site within 24 - 48 hours.

(To "EDIT" a listing, find the title on the database, click "Edit game" (underneath the game title) & follow through the exact same steps above making sure all mandatory fields are filled out). 

Asterisked fields highlighted in red must be entered to send the game over for approval.

If you receive an error message screen once you have clicked "Create Game", then a field is missing data somewhere so please add this information.

Whilst some fields are not asterisked, (ie serial number, EAN barcode, Youtube link etc) if you have this information & can enter it, please do so. We want Games4eva to become the most informative, accurate & reliable source of gaming information on the web & with your input & knowledge, we can achieve this. 



How to "Add a game" or Edit" data using your smartphone or tablet

Follow the exact same procedure as above (how to create or edit a listing using a laptop Mac or PC"), but when at the point of uploading the game cover image, make sure you have your smartphone or tablet in an upright vertical position (also known as portrait mode) otherwise the "Choose File" button will not display & you will be unable to upload a game image.



How to add a Youtube video or Youtube link to a game listing

Find the game on the database & click "Edit game".

On Step 2 "Title Details", scroll down to the "Youtube Link" field & copy & paste the Youtube URL link into the box.

Scroll down to step 9 & click "Save game".

This will now be sent over for approval to the Games4eva admin team & once verified, will be live on the site within 24-48 hours.

Please be sure to affiliate yourself with legal requirements with regard to uploading video & artwork content whilst using Games4eva. This is the user's responsibility & more information can be found in the "Copyright" section of the FAQS as well as in our "Terms & Conditions".



I want to list my game for sale but the artwork is different from the release in the database - is this ok?

NO - the release you sell must have the EXACT same game artwork as the one listed in the database. If it is different, then a new listing will need to be created to sell this game. (An example of this could be a game that is released in Germany & in the UK may look similar but might have different artwork & catalog numbers, hence a new listing is required).

To do this, just simply "Add a game". (Check out our youtube tutorial video or follow the steps listed at the top of this FAQ). 

If you find the game you want to sell is in the database but has no artwork, then add the artwork & send this over for approval. Once verified on our end, this will then be live on the database, usually within 24hours.



How to search for games on the marketplace

Games can be searched on the games4eva marketplace by one of two methods:

1) Typing the name of the game you are looking for into the search bar or alternatively,

2) Browsing titles by clicking the "Marketplace" button & applying filters, eg - Genre - Platform - Year of release etc. This can be useful if trying to narrow down your search results (eg - searching for "Call of Duty" pulls in ALOT of results, however, if you wanted to see all Call of Duty games for the PS2, by clicking the filter "Playstation 2", this will narrow down your search results).



How to use the "My Collection" feature

This is a fantastic tool that allows you to track, catalog & alphabetize your entire video game collection. Games4eva is fully optimized to display on smartphones & tablets (as well as PC & Macs) so now you can keep track of your collection whilst on the move! Just follow these simple steps below -

Find the game you want to add & click "Add to my collection" (this can be found on the right-hand side of the game release page) - That's it!

Repeat the above process to add as many games as you like & to remove titles from your list, go into "My Collection" & click "Remove". Don't forget, if you cannot find your game listed on the database, then creating a listing is quick & easy - please refer to "Add a game" at the top of the FAQS on how to do this.



What is the "Want list"?

Similar to My Collection, "Want List" is a fantastic feature designed for users that want to create a list of games for possible future purchases. (Maybe a forthcoming title yet to be released or perhaps that ultra-rare holy grail game that has eluded your collection for so long?) 

To do this, simply -

Search for the game you want to add & click "Add game to wishlist " (this can be found on the righthand side of the game release screen) again - its that quick & easy to use!

To remove games from your "Want List", access your "Want List" & click "Remove". Don't forget, if the game you want is not listed in the database, then feel free to add it. Creating a listing is quick & easy, just refer to "Add a game" at the top of the FAQS for more info on how to do this.



My Games4eva profile information is different to my PayPal information, does this matter?

Yes - the Games4eva data & information you provide containing your name, address & postcode should be exactly the same as on file with your PayPal account. This helps speed up the shipping process for sellers whilst eliminating the possibility of your order being shipped to an incorrect address. Please keep your information up to date especially in the event of moving address. It is the buyer’s responsibility to provide this correct information.



Do all sellers ship with tracking information?

No - not all sellers will ship with tracking. If you want your order to be tracked or insured, please read the sellers shipping terms & conditions prior to placing the order & check to see if the seller offers this service. If they dont or you are unsure about something, message them direct on Games4eva & they will get back to you.



Can Games4eva locate my order that has not arrived yet? 

Games4eva is not able to assist in tracking lost shipments nor do we offer support for orders that are outside 90 days from purchase. Contact the seller via "Messages" on your "My orders" page if you do have any questions regarding the non-delivery of your purchase. We encourage buyers & sellers to always maintain good communication & If in any doubt the problem cannot be resolved, contact the transaction provider (PayPal) to file for a full refund & email support@games4eva.com so we can act accordingly.



Can Games4vea refund me instead of the buyer?

Games4eva is not able to provide refunds for orders. Sellers are expected to work with buyers professionally and courteously to provide refunds in accordance with buyer’s rights. We encourage buyers to contact sellers through the " My Orders" page with a polite message stating their concerns about the item and asking the seller to provide a resolution. If the seller does not reply or a resolution cannot be met, please contact the payment method provider (PayPal) to claim a refund & contact support@games4eva.com so we can take appropriate action.



The buyer or seller is not responding to my messages, what can I do?

We expect users to respond to orders & messages generally within 24 hours, however, please allow up to 4 working days (to account for weekend closures & bank holidays etc). If the seller has not responded within this timeframe, please contact support@games4eva.com & we will help assist.



Can I combine multiple orders to save on shipping costs?

If a seller offers combined shipping costs, then this should be stated in their shipping terms & conditions. Savings on shipping costs will differ between sellers, so if you are unsure, send them a message via their profile. 



The buyer is stating they have not received their order, what can I do?

It is the seller’s responsibility to ensure orders & purchases arrive with the buyer. If an order has not been received by the buyer & tracking information cannot be provided, it is the seller’s responsibility to refund the full amount including any postage fees to the original payment method (PayPal).



How can I block a user from contacting me through Games4eva? 

If you do encounter problems with a user on the site that you wish to block for specific reasons, please contact support@games4eva.com to which we will respond, investigate & act accordingly. Games4eva does not condone any form of harassment, bullying or abuse and will impose serious action where necessary. 



Why did I receive a message, your account has been temporarily suspended?

Your Games4eva account may have been suspended for various reasons as follows - 

Failure to pay an overdue seller's fee invoice on your account,

No response to buyers or sellers messages & customer orders that have been placed,

Flagged up, inappropriate behavior whilst using the site,

If for any reason other than the above, you have received this message, please contact support@games4eva.com & we will look into this further. If you have received this message & would like for your account to be reinstated, contact support@games4eva.com & we will suggest how this can be achieved.



What is the Pegi age rating system?

Pegi stands for Pan European game information & is an age rating system designed to ensure that videogame content is clearly labeled according to age for the intended user. It was created to help inform parents about making decisions on buying suitable videogames for their children & is used in over 30 countries throughout Europe. Pegi rating definitions are as follows

The content of games given this rating is considered suitable for all age groups. Some violence in a comical context (typically Bugs Bunny or Tom & Jerry cartoon-like forms of violence) is acceptable. The child should not be able to associate the character on the screen with real-life characters, they should be totally fantasy. The game should not contain any sounds or pictures that are likely to scare or frighten young children. No bad language should be heard.

Any game that would normally be rated at 3 but contains some possibly frightening scenes or sounds may be considered suitable in this category. 

Videogames that show violence of a slightly more graphic nature towards fantasy character and/or non-graphic violence towards human-looking characters or recognizable animals, as well as videogames that show nudity of a slightly more graphic nature would fall in this age category. Any bad language in this category must be mild and fall short of sexual expletives.

This rating is applied once the depiction of violence (or sexual activity) reaches a stage that looks the same as would be expected in real life. More extreme bad language, the concept of the use of tobacco and drugs and the depiction of criminal activities can be the content of games that are rated 16.

The adult classification is applied when the level of violence reaches a stage where it becomes a depiction of gross violence and/or includes elements of specific types of violence. Gross violence is the most difficult to define since it can be very subjective in many cases, but in general terms, it can be classed as the depictions of violence that would make the viewer feel a sense of revulsion



Copyright - uploading videos, game artwork & screenshots

Make sure to affiliate yourself with copyright law when uploading videos & game artwork/images on Games4eva as this is your responsibility. For more information, please refer to the "Terms & Conditions" section on our site. 



Copyright infringement & unauthorized use 

In the unfortunate event that copyright laws have been violated with regard to a listing on Games4eva, please contact support@games4eva.com with more information in regard to this claim & provide evidence of your copyright ownership. Pending this response, we will look into the claim & maintain an open line of communication. Once investigated & if copyright laws have been violated, we will proceed by notifying the user who uploaded this information, clarify & reiterate the terms & conditions of Games4eva & remove the relevant copyright immediately. If the user continues to upload information that violates copyright law again, we will take the necessary action by removing & banning them with immediate effect. More information on this subject can also be found in our Terms & Conditions.



Encouraging sales outside of Games4eva 

Games4eva requires all sales & transactions to take place on the site & include violations such as

Cancelling or refunding an order by encouraging the buyer to complete the transaction outside of Games4eva,

Using Games4eva messages & social media to direct users to another online marketplace,

Including comments, links & hyperlinks in sales listings to divert users away from Games4eva,

Agreeing to cancel or refund an order if the purchase is collected in person as opposed to being shipped.

Games4eva takes this very seriously & will issue warnings to users who neglect these terms, following which can include account restrictions & in continued cases a complete ban & account deletion. If you do come across a buyer or seller trying to encourage any of the above violations, please contact support@games4eva.com




When leaving feedback, please be factual & refrain from using opinion. Feedback benefits both buyers & sellers whilst helping games4eva to develop. Please focus your comments on fact as opposed to opinion & note feedback can be left 90 days after the order date & will only be removed in exceptional circumstances in accordance with us.



Social media tips, advice & general good practice

Post messages in the relative forum or group & do not go off-topic.

Be polite & respect of one another's comments & opinions,

Report inappropriate language & conduct to the immediate relevant social media company. Games4eva social media platforms are designed for users to engage, learn, discover & enjoy. Please bear this in mind at all times.



Database guidelines

When Adding a game or editing a game listing, here are some general rules & tips to follow -

Have the actual product in front of you so you can input accurate data,

When creating a videogame listing for a forthcoming title, make sure you have factual information from a trustworthy reliable source,

Refer to the FAQS section where you can find plenty of helpful information regarding the site,

Use capital & small letters (& not just all capital letters or all small letters when typing),

Please refrain from copying & pasting information from elsewhere. We want Games4eva to become the number one marketplace for gamers worldwide, with accurate information & data where possible. We are committed to providing new features & constant improvement over time but to achieve this, we need to stand out. So be creative & descriptive with your information & re-wordings, just make sure you to stick to facts.

If you cannot find an answer in the FAQS, remember you have the Games4eva social media platforms where other users may be able to help or be of further assistance. 


Updated 08/01/2022